Head – United World College (UWC) Committee of India

About UWC:  

UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable  future. UWC delivers a challenging and transformative educational experience to a deliberately  diverse cross section of students, inspiring them to create a more peaceful and sustainable  future. There are 18 UWC schools and colleges spanning five continents, and UWC national  committees in more than 159 countries. Central to the ethos of UWC is the belief that education  can bring together young people from all backgrounds on the basis of their shared humanity,  to engage with the possibility of social change through courageous action, personal example  and selfless leadership. More information about UWC is available at and 

The Position: 

UWC’s national committees are primarily volunteer organizations, responsible for promoting  UWC in their countries, selecting and preparing students, fundraising, alumni engagement and  in some cases significant further outreach work. Of these, between 50 to 70 will be Indian  students selected through a process run by the UWC Committee of India with support from  alumni, volunteers and UWC Mahindra College. The UWC Committee of India wishes to appoint  a dynamic and committed individual to develop and implement these key National Committee  functions with the strategic support of the UWC Committee of India Board and the executive  involvement of alumni volunteer committees.  

Key Responsibilities: 

1. Selections and admissions 

  • Coordinate and supervise the annual selection procedure, including publicity, timelines,  application systems, selection procedures, scholarships disbursement and nominations.
  • Facilitate a formal UWC induction for newly selected students. 
  • Liaise proactively with the colleges about annual offers, acceptance formalities and  progress of enrolled students. 

2. Finance & Fundraising 

  • Implement effective scholarship allocation policies and practices in order to meet UWC’s  diversity aspirations, including means-based approaches to scholarship allocation.
  • Plan and develop fundraising strategies for scholarships & committee costs.
  • Set and control annual and multi-annual budgets. 
  • Ensure compliance with official legal, tax and reporting requirements.

3. Stakeholder Engagement (Board & Committees, Volunteers, Alumni, Parents)

  • Organize and effectively leverage meetings of the Board, Executive Committees, Annual  Alumni Assembly.
  • Expand existing engagement strategies for alumni & volunteers through regional hubs. in  line with the committee’s strategic and financial objectives. 
  • Undertake regular communication with parents and include them in ambassadorship,  fundraising or outreach programmes.  
  • Liaise pro-actively with UWC International, UWC Colleges and other UWC bodies.
  • Propose, organize and implement events for purposes of stakeholder engagement,  fundraising & PR.  

4. Outreach & Communications 

  • Develop an annual in-person outreach programme, including targets, benchmarks and  evaluation; that focus on partnerships with schools and outreach to young people.
  • Define needs for diverse communication tools to support the outreach to schools and  arrange for their production. (e.g. website, social media, newspaper advertisements,  online advertising etc.)  
  • Develop updated media tools (press kit, photo materials, key facts & figures, press  releases, testimonials) and an annual media plan.  
  • Recruit and provide training and support for volunteers.
  • Develop and submit Annual Reports for demonstrating impact and relevance.

Essential Skills:

  • Relationship Management 
  • Ability to build engagement for UWC  
  • Awareness of socio-economic, cultural and geographic trends in India 
  • Working knowledge of Indian educational boards & UWC systems 
  • Communication skills (in English & Hindi)  
  • Presentation skills  
  • Strategic Thinking 
  • Line management skills
  • Budget management 

Desirable Skills:

  • Organizational development and capacity building 
  • Experience in educational sector and/or international organization 
  • Program/project/event management 
  • Volunteer management in decentralized environment 


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Work Experience: 4 to 8 years of experience in a reputable organization in any of the following  roles: marketing, communications, media/PR, non-profit fundraising, business development  or educational advancement. 

How To Apply: 

Interested applicants should send their curriculum vitae and cover letter to [email protected] and [email protected]

The job description is also available as a downloadable PDF at this link.