Testimonials of Summer Programmes 2022

UWC Mahindra College is a pre-university residential college with 240 students aged 15 to 19 representing more than 80 countries and with 30 faculty members from around the world. Resting in the 175-acre biodiversity reserve, UWC Mahindra College is a pre-university residential high school. The students and faculty who live on campus know its beauty and surprises, which students can experience for 1 week by signing up for the Summer Programmes. Let us read some testimonials from last year’s summer programme students to know more about their experiences and learning.

Every year MUWCI has various summer programmes in the month of June for students who would like a short MUWCI experience. Last year we conducted 4 sessions:

YSC – Youth for Social Change
OEE – Outdoor & Ecological Education
YES – Youth, Environment, Sustainability
And Slavery Studies

Our short courses are made for students who are changemakers and want to learn more about creating an impact on society through environmental or social activities. The students return from this one week with long-lasting friends and learning, which helps them grow into unique individuals.

Youth for Social Change

This program was so meaningful, I loved every bit of this journey. MUWCI was like a second home where I would love to stay a lot longer, and I will relive these moments again and again in the coming years. I learned a lot of new things from the facilitators and all the people around me. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I loved the entire MUWCI team! I recommend this course to everyone who wants to have meaningful experiences during their summer break.

Outdoor and Ecological Education

I don’t even know where to begin with this course. We did so many things, the course was so well prepared and this course is made to get pushed to your very limits, and you do things that you never thought that you could do. If you had asked me a month ago if I could do these things, I would not even believe it. You learn so many things by doing them in person. Camping, running, trekking, and cooking are all a part of the programme. It is a physical and outdoorsy experience where you make many friends and changes you as a person. It also helps you learn and discover new things about yourself, which helps open your mind.

Youth, Environment, Sustainability

These 8 days at MUWCI have changed me as a person, and I recommend this course 100% for all young individuals. I am going back as a different person from what I was when I came here. The theory and practical learning were both amazing. The programme is engaging and helps change your perspective on the environment and sustainability, and you leave MUWCI as a better citizen of society. This course also helps form long-lasting friendships with students and facilitators, a bond you are unlikely to forget anytime soon. This also helps many students emerge from their comfort zone and explore new activities.

Slavery Studies

I got a broad, overall insight into various types or forms of historical and contemporary slavery and how despite slavery being made illegal and several people believing it truly doesn’t exist anymore, it’s still in practice in some way or the other almost everywhere around the world. I also got a deeper insight on the actual inhumane violence and cruelties of slavery, which most people may not be fully aware of. I found the topic of different ways of thinking about slavery quite interesting as well. I am glad about the interdisciplinary nature of the course, I believe that is a very sensible decision to study this phenomenon from as many perspectives as possible. I felt not only a fascination with the sociological explanations of slavery but also the pain, the struggle and the hope that artistic manifestations convey. Sadly, slavery keeps happening all the time around the world, and the first step to tackling it is being aware.

MUWCI’s Summer Programmes have helped influence young minds and we continue to do every year through our engaging teaching methodology. Anyone with teenage children in the age group of 16-19 years should visit our Summer Programmes page and apply now to be a part of this experience.


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