Notice regarding MUWCI’s response to COVID-19

Update as of August 28:

The school year started with a whole school Virtual Community Day on 17 August. With more than 240 Zoom windows, first-year students were introduced to their second-year peers and met all the faculty and staff members. Highlights have included a virtual tour of campus and nearby Paud village and a weekend hike up Waghazi which was streamed live for students and faculty to log on to watch the beautiful areas and post photos from their own hikes. Recent graduates also logged onto Zoom to speak to the newest MUWCI students about their experiences and lessons learned, and twelve students participated in a two-week English immersion programme designed specially for non-native English speakers who needed an extra boost before classes started. Watch this video campus tour created by Mhd Mustafa (UWC Mahindra College, 2018-2020) to get a taste for the orientation experience and bring on some MUWCI nostalgia for any alums reading this. Academic classes as well as Triveni, CORE and Res-Life activities will start on 31 August and will be online only, for now.