Note from Mr. Gaurav Chopra, Interim head of College

This Academic year we saw some important changes, one of them being the presence of Mr. Gaurav Chopra as MUWCI’s Interim Head of College. He has been a part of the UWC movement since the time he graduated from UWC USA. UWC had such a great impact on him, that he believed that India should have a UWC College too. He was not only an integral part of the setting up with the College in India, but he has also served as a Board Member of the College. 

We are thankful to him for stepping in to be the Interim Head of College and bring his passion to MUWCI. We decided to hear from him on his thoughts about his journey in the UWC movement and his vision for the College during his tenure. 

“Being located high up on a remote hill, MUWCI is, over the years, proud of the fact that it has been the catalyst and source of building the entire 175 acres into a Biodiversity Reserve. Credit goes out to the administration and, of course, our lifeline, the students themselves. Our rapport with the local villages in the area is deep, and it is heartwarming when we receive their expressions of gratitude in many forms. 

As an ex-student of the UWC movement, the position of Head of College presented a unique situation for me. And an even more exciting one for the students since there was now a special connection with me. A flood of memories from the past was a daily guide for me while I played the role of stability & progress at MUWCI. An opportunity to understand ground realities. 

Our educational vision places deliberate diversity at its core. All our students live and learn in a diverse community, where they are challenged to be engaged and motivated so that they can achieve their potential and become agents of change, fostering peace and sustainability wherever they are in the world. Our academic curriculum and Triveni (CAS) activities are all embedded with this philosophy, making our MUWCI students the true brand ambassadors of the UWC movement. 

With the renewed active support of the Governing Board, the College has a fresh vision for the future. The past 25 years have been historic, with many achievements and milestone firsts. It is time to imprint the MUWCI stamp for the next 25 years.

To further expand access to this opportunity for students from all around the world, we look to the continued support of our donor base. We sincerely thank all those who have generously contributed to the work of the College over the years. This anniversary year is an exceptional opportunity for support with the significant infrastructure refreshment master plan envisioned.

It goes without saying that the life of MUWCI is our students. MUWCI is represented within each of them in its unique way through the core sessions, college assembly, college events, academics, residential life, & Triveni’s. It is truly making a force of individuals who unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. 

The moments journeyed at MUWCI are some of the best in life, with abundant memories and experiences.

I wish the best for all our students, benefactors & well-wishers to continue to believe in this magical experience called MUWCI.”


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