Help spread the word about UWC!

Around the world selections for the next generation of UWC students is in full swing! How many times have you met people who told you: “I wish I had known about UWC!”? We think we have all heard it far too many times! You have first-hand experience of how powerful a UWC education is – help us share that message with as many people as possible!

Please take 5 minutes (it’s really all it takes!) to help spread the word about UWC so we don’t remain “the best-kept secret in education”. Together, we can do it!

ACTION 1: Be an Influencer

We have a number of resources you can share with others online to show them what UWC is all about, such as Facebook covers or images you can post.

ACTION 2: Share the information!

We have flyers which you can attach to emails or print at home. Find everything here.

ACTION 3: Bookmark

Bookmark and and have it ready to share whenever talking about UWC.

ACTION 2: Just re-share!

Follow our social media channels (FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTube), your UWC national committee’s and UWC International’s (FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTube). Whenever you see something you like and identify with, just re-share with a note about what makes UWC special! 

If you need other materials or templates to share the message about UWC (for example print-ready one-page ads etc), please let UWC International know and they will be happy to send them to you. And remember: UWC schools and colleges are now in 17 countries worldwide!

Let’s make 2019 the end of UWC being the best-kept secret! We invite you to join forces to make sure anybody who is 15/16 today and would love to go to a UWC will at least get the chance to apply. #theendofthebestkeptsecret

Thank you for supporting UWC!


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