Folktales and Fables from English B!

Left to right, Second Row: Skye, Jamie, Noon, Giulia, Mafe, Lina, Ali, Sanorah
First Row: Aicha, Jdeiya, David, Joaquin, Aind
Not pictured: Herpor, Liu, Rayen

One way or another, at some point in your life, you will hear these stories. Filled with awe and wonder, you will encounter one of two types. The conventional fairy tales, those that began and ended in a kingdom far far away. Or the fables that our ancestors passed down from generation to generation through traditions, enriching our culture and, of course, passing on crucial values like kindness and the fruits of celebrating difference. Fairy tales, the stories of our childhood, are as universal as the lessons they teach. 

As a result of the profound impression those tales have made on our lives, we decided to take on an almighty task. We, sixteen English B students from countries all over the world, went to Neverland and back in search of fairy tales from our own cultures. We took the initiative to find the stories that had meaning and effect on the person we are today. 

Not only that, but we also chose to align our project with MUWCI’s 25th-anniversary celebration. In order to achieve it, our two class blocks (A and G) agreed to showcase the versatility of stories through the following common morals, UWC values, and IB profile values. 

Moral of the stories: Do not be judgmental and be kind to those who are different than you.

UWC values: International and intercultural understanding, celebration of difference

IB learner profile: Open-minded

As the English B class, we invite you to sit and read through these amazing fairytales from our own culture with a magic touch of memories involved. Enjoy!


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