Promoting digital literacy among the children of Mulshi valley

Computer proficiency is one of the most essential skills in any profession today. And that is precisely what our students hope to instill in others through Computers 4 All, a Triveni initiative at UWC Mahindra College.

A trademarked service learning program, Computers 4 All provides MUWCI students with an opportunity to share their love for and knowledge of computer science with students in the Mulshi valley region. At present, Computers 4 All operates out of DigiLabs which are computer labs established in local schools.

Typically, participants in Computers 4 All belong to diverse age groups and are taught from a range of computer science lesson modules. For instance, primary school students explore how to use key devices such as keyboard and mouse while also learning about cyber risks and ensuring cyber safety. 

On the other hand, middle and high school students learn a variety of lessons ranging from using Microsoft Office products to setting up email accounts. They are also encouraged to use online resources that can assist them with their schoolwork. 

Nila Palmo Ram, a second-year student and a coordinator in this program, shared with us her experience of being associated with Computers 4 All since her first year at MUWCI.

“One of the reasons I joined Computers 4 All was because there were always very few girls in my computer science classes. When I joined this program in my first year, I was happy to see that 70% of the students in my class were girls. What had brought them all was a mutual love for computer science, which made me quite happy.”

While this year Nila has been focused on teaching primary school children in Paud, her outreach efforts have expanded to other schools as well. “Since last week, we started teaching children 3D printing at the DigiLab in Asade village”, shares Nila. One of the outcomes of such outreach includes fostering stronger relationships with the local community. 

“After class, the kids always ask us when we shall return for the next lesson. That gives us a lot of confidence and motivation for our work.”

When asked to share two takeaways from her experience with Computers 4 All, Nila describes the importance of resonating with the cause. “All the coordinators in this program are very passionate about computer science, which makes it easy for us to share our passion with other children through teaching.

“I would also like to emphasize the importance of being patient and willing to manage unexpected situations spontaneously if you are in a teaching role,” adds Nila. 

We are so grateful to Nila and all the other coordinators at Computers 4 All for their time and contribution to empowering children in rural Maharashtra. If you would like to know more about our other service Trivenis, please visit our website at:

Author – Rinjisha Roy


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