A Note from previous Head of College – Graduation 2022

The end of the academic year is often a time for reflection on the part of students, faculty, and students. I started my reflection a little earlier as I contemplated what I wanted to say to the class of 2022. You may read the speech here.

Unfortunately, we cannot downplay the role COVID-19 played in education during the last two years of our student’s education. We hope they come out stronger and with greater determination to succeed despite what may impact them and their education. The Class of 2022 is truly impressive because they have forged a path unlike any others before them, and they have remained hopeful throughout. I wish them, the rising second years, and you a pleasant and restful summer.


Some of the key learnings from Dr. Dale’s Graduation speech are:

  • The pandemic has taught us the importance of acknowledging and addressing mental health issues. To make sure that the future generations do not let us slide back into the old patterns of ignoring our mental health.
  • To implement the knowledge gained at MUWCI to create an equal, peaceful and sustainable future as far as it will go.
  • It is the people around you that help to create an experience. Hence, it is essential to remember the relationships you have built here in these 2 years and cherish and nurture them to help them flourish.
  • While different generations have different values, some similar values stressing respect, courtesy, and manners will always be appreciated and can considerably impact a person.
  • When you strip away the wealth, looks, intellect and possessions – all you have left is character. Therefore, it is important to build character and maintain your humanity.
  • It is vital to get up again every time you fall. It is equally vital to cultivate a network and support system for when you cannot support yourself.


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