What is Service Learning?

Service learning is part of our Triveni Programme that focuses on building a communitarian ethic — helping students understand the common good in different contexts and so that they can work towards it as they move forward in life. Service learning is not simply to serve others but to come into an awareness of your space in the world and how you impact others and are impacted by them. It’s not about ‘solving’ problems — it’s about engaging with the community, thinking critically about issues around development, and building your skills so you can be a valuable member of every community you are a part of today and tomorrow.

‘Service’ and ‘learning’ are equally important components of these projects — through community service, you will gain structured learning that develops your knowledge, skills, and perspective. You will see theoretical concepts play out in the world, develop interpersonal skills, learn to work with others, get exposed to different perspectives, and expand your own worldview. Service Learning transforms student attitudes, showing us that we have to be open-minded and lifelong learners to be full participants in our chosen communities. Students work with our partner NGOs, engaging with the community on- and off-campus on issues of social justice and inequity.

Service Learning Projects

Our projects encompass a range of areas, giving you the opportunity to work on issues of interest to you.



Akshara is a MUWCI initiative that works with youth in rural Maharashtra — including elementary students and pre-university/college-level students — to enhance their existing abilities and help them learn new skills.

Since Akshara’s establishment in 2005:

The drop-out rate for girls after 10th grade has plunged from 80% to 20%

80% of Akshara have taken up professional or vocational courses

5 community centres and libraries have been set up/re-activated

Bhadas village has students attending 12th grade for the first time in memory!

The Akshara team works from our campus and is part of MUWCI. Akshara is a partner for many of our service learning projects ranging from social entrepreneurship to public health to education.

NGO Partners

We work closely with more than 40 NGOs across the country.



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