Help the next generation of young leaders change the world

We’re a diverse campus with students, staff, and faculty from over 80 countries united in our goal to build a peaceful and sustainable future.

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Why work at MUWCI?

Our faculty and staff are committed to helping our students reach their potential and do good in the world. At MUWCI, you’re not just an employee — you’re part of a worldwide movement that aims to make an impact.

  • It’s a challenging and rewarding role.

    Our students are among the brightest and best young minds who push each other to shine outside their comfort zones.

  • You’re part of a community.

    You don’t clock out when class ends. Faculty members live in the wadas with students and act as advisors, wada parents, and friends.

  • You have the freedom to innovate and collaborate.

    Our projects and activities take on a multi-disciplinary approach, giving you the opportunity to work on exciting new things.

  • Mix of experienced and practitioner-teachers.

    Our unique faculty is not just geographically diverse. They come with a range of professional backgrounds, from cinematographers to chemical researchers.


“The rich diversity and the beautiful location truly make MUWCI one of a kind! I've taught at various schools, and few provide as many platforms for innate creativity as MUWCI.”

“The best part of working at MUWCI is undoubtedly the students! From the classroom to late night chats as a Wada parent, I am constantly inspired by the courage of our students.”

“As an educator, what I value at MUWCI the most is the freedom to experiment. Be it in the classroom, or in the Triveni activities co-ordinate.”

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