TGIF: Theater, Gender, Identity, Film
(Entries for 2020 currently closed)


What is the TGIF Programme?

Do words like ‘Misogyny’, ‘LGBT+’ ‘Feminism’, ‘Civil Rights’ have any impact on your mind? Have you ever wondered about your gender identity and the influence that it's having on your life? Do you think performances in films are a reflection of society or that society is moulded by cinema? Do you see film/theatre as a powerful medium that affects the way gender and identity are defined? Do you want to explore these mediums and express your views through performance to reach a wider audience?

Over 12 days, our ‘Theatre Gender Identity and Film’ Programme (TGIF) will help you explore these topics and more, providing a holistic approach towards beliefs on gender identities.

How does it work?

Throughout the programme, you will explore, create, and express constructs of gender & identity in your own context. You will research, debate, ideate and create by interacting with expert facilitators — writers, professors, lawyers, journalists, social activists, and theatre and film practitioners — and be trained and taught techniques of stage performance through workshops, field-work, and activities grounded in conceptual rigour.

TGIF is designed to help you explore and understand your own relationship with gender while identifying and questioning the way gender is portrayed in popular culture. You will learn alongside students around the world, exposing you to a global understanding of film, theatre, and the media.

The focus areas in the past years have included:
  • LGBT+ Rights and People’s Movements
  • Identity and Misconceptions
  • Symbolism of Gender in Media
  • Ideas of masculinity
  • Law and Legalities of Gender



The arts are not an afterthought at MUWCI. For more than 20 years, MUWCI students have used both performances and theoretical study towards global awareness, critical thinking, and civic engagement. The campus boasts of great outdoor and indoor spaces for performance from an amphitheatre to a sprawling library lawn.

Fees & Scholarship

₹34,000 / $ 540

Just like the 2-year UWC programme, we have scholarships available for students who attend our summer programmes. We have many students requesting scholarships so you are encouraged to apply soon! Please note that you must complete an application to the summer programmes before applying for scholarship support.