OEE: Outdoor and Ecological Education (Beginner)
(*Subject to review if the COVID situation changes closer to the date. Entry open only to individuals residing in India.)


What is the OEE Programme?

UWC Founder Kurt Hahn believes that everyone is born with an “outlandish thirst for adventure.” Our Outdoor and Ecological Education (OEE) Programme is founded on Hahn’s Outward Bound method of group development through outdoor and wilderness learning expeditions. At MUWCI, students enthusiastically participate in the MUWCI Core - which seeks to provide the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are key to living with the UWC mission. The OEE is a mini-UWC experience based on the Core curriculum developed at MUWCI, painstakingly over the years.

This programme is for students who seek adventures and wish to venture outside their comfort zone in the outdoors. The thrill of doing something completely new can often reveal hidden abilities and talents, and the OEE Programme is an opportunity to cultivate a number of important life skills. 

This is a week-long programme that will be offered at a Beginners and an Advanced level. It will include inputs on wilderness and first aid training, fitness and camping skills. The programme will also give students a basic introduction to current ecological crises and to living sustainably. 

How does it work?

You will be going on biodiversity walks and field trips, participating in wilderness medical essential training, and camping overnight at one of the majestic mountain ranges near MUWCI. This programme will include a number of outdoor educational activities like trekking, kayaking, rappelling, and cycling (undertaken at a beginners or advanced level, depending on the course you sign up for). Your guides on these experiences will be MUWCI students, faculty of Hanifl Centre (Mussoorie), and faculty of MUWCI’s outdoor and biodiversity programme. They will be giving you valuable insights into overcoming adversities in the outdoors, personal and social development, and developing a deeper relationship with nature.

This course is also being offered at an Advanced level. If you have little to no prior experience with hiking and the outdoors, the Beginner course would be a good fit for you!

The focus areas in the past years have included:
  • Working effectively as a team

    Develop the abilities required to adapt, grow, problem solve and succeed as a team

  • Outdoor Survival Skills

    Pick up basic skills like tent pitching, backpacking, navigation, water purification and cooking

  • Wilderness training

    Learn to make critical decisions in challenging environments with available resources

  • Sustainable trekking and hiking

    Cultivate important skills for becoming a more mindful outdoors person

  • Building a relationship with the natural environment

    Connect with nature as an explorer and not a tourist



MUWCI is situated in the Western Ghats, a world biodiversity hotspot outside the city of Pune. Our campus includes a 120-acre biodiversity reserve and conservation park, and is very close to multiple hiking and trekking destinations in the Western Ghats - offering the perfect venue for students to submerge themselves in the study of the environment and build outdoor skills.

Fees & Scholarship

1,18,000 96,000

Taking into account the challenging circumstances caused due to COVID, we're offering an almost 20% early bird discount! The fees are inclusive of all expenses such as taxes, quarantine, residence and meals. Deadline: April 25

Unfortunately, we won't be able to offer any scholarships this year. Please read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly before applying.