Encounter India
(Entries for 2020 currently closed)


What is the Encounter India Programme?

What are the challenges a developing country faces at the grassroots level? How do power structures affect daily life in rural India? Are the country’s social problems so deeply rooted that they can’t be solved in our lifetime? And how did they grow in the first place?

Over 3 weeks — both in and around the MUWCI campus and travelling across India — our ‘Encounter India’ Programme will help you challenge your assumptions about India and, in the process, help you better understand your own ideologies.

How does it work?

For the first half of the programme, you will live on the MUWCI campus and immerse yourself in the surrounding villages. You will participate in homestays, farming, and cultural exchanges while also interacting with experts — academicians, historians, researchers, and journalists. Then you will travel to unlikely places in India — off the beaten path, away from tourist checklists, and to the heart of the country. You will learn alongside students from around the world, and together you will deconstruct cultural stereotypes and understand the role humanity’s past plays in shaping our present.



Our location forms an integral part of a MUWCI education, and our students are encouraged to step off campus and learn from our neighbours and beyond. Through homestays, service learning projects, and travel weeks, MUWCI students regularly explore India and learn from the wealth of knowledge the country has to offer outside the classroom walls. The Encounter India programme is a concentrated version of the larger MUWCI experience, giving you a taste of what a MUWCI education has to offer.

Fees & Scholarship

₹34,000 / $ 540

Just like the 2-year UWC programme, we have scholarships available for students who attend our summer programmes. We have many students requesting scholarships so you are encouraged to apply soon! Please note that you must complete an application to the summer programmes before applying for scholarship support.