Customised CAS and Outreach Programmes (Currently suspended due to Covid-19)


We host short programmes on our campus for schools and educational partners who want to engage in meaningful learning. For IB schools, we often design these programmes in line with CAS requirements.

Over the past decade, our visiting partner institutions have included International School of Hilversum (Netherlands), Oslo International School (Norway), Winterline Global Skills Programme (United States), Global Leadership Adventures (United States), UWC South East Asia (Singapore), Daly College (India), Whistling Woods Film School (India), SAGE: Global Education (United States) and others.

Please contact [email protected] to enquire about our customised programmes.

Why Choose MUWCI?
  1. We are driven by a keen motivation to further transcultural and value-based education.
  2. We have proven expertise in providing experiential education to students from over 100+ countries.
  3. We provide a safe and well-structured experience on our dynamic campus, supported by a vibrant international community & capable staff.
  4. We possess excellent networks of partner organizations and resource people, to flexibly design and cater to most specific programme needs.
  5. We understand how to provide well-grounded context-based education that is truly transformative.
Programme Format

Customised programmes vary in duration from a few days to several weeks, depending on your requirements. Visiting groups are typically fewer than 35 participants (including accompanying faculty) and currently enrolled in high school or university. The primary portions of the programme are based on our beautiful campus, with some optional travel components.

We leverage our incredible location in rural Maharashtra, excellent network of local organisations, and proximity to urban and cultural centres, to present a holistic experience of India.

We assume all organizational responsibility for your visit, including programming and facilitation, accommodation, catering, facilities, and safety arrangements. For overseas groups, we also support visa applications and immigration compliance after arrival. Our aim is to provide a safe, supportive, and structured environment within which participants can make the most of the vivacity of India.

Programme Focus Areas

We design your programme based on your educational or learning focus. All programmes have a strong discussion-based core focused around classroom facilitation, guest speakers, workshops, readings, group discussions, and reflections.

Three key additional experiential components we draw from are service, culture, and outdoors. Our most popular programmes are a combination of activities from each of these three areas.

Service Learning

Service Learning involves projects with partner organisations around topics of development, education, health care, agriculture, gender rights, and more. A sampling of past projects:

  • Agriculture

    Planning, setting up and training middle-school rural students to use kitchen gardens in rural government schools.

  • Education

    Developing lesson plans and teaching a conversational-English module using puppets in Akshara's after school programme.

  • Development

    Renovating and preparing a community building for use as a local computer centre for low-income students and families.

  • Activism

    Performing and demonstrating with rural high school girls as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence project.

  • Communication

    Designing a street-theatre campaign with rural school children to raise awareness about water conservation.

Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion involves learning about India by experiencing different facets of the country.

  • Homestays

    Experience life with rural families in the Kolvan and Mulshi valleys.

  • Meditation

    Engage with various types of yoga and meditation under trained instructors.

  • Arts

    Visit the UNESCO Heritage site of Ajanta and Ellora to see some the best-preserved Buddhist cave paintings from the 2nd and 1st centuries B.C.

  • Religion

    Explore the places of religious significance in Mumbai across a multitude of faiths.

  • Film

    Train to develop small impact-making documentary film projects for non-profit organisations on a variety of engaging topics.

  • Music

    Discover the roots of Indian musical tradition through vocal, string, and percussive training.

  • Language

    Learn conversational Hindi or Marathi, study the etymological roots of modern languages in Sanskrit.

Outdoor & Adventure

Outdoor & Adventure involves projects or activities developed under the college's extensive Outdoor Education programme.

  • Biodiversity

    Trail walking, biodiversity monitoring, and conservation activities in the campus’s Biodiversity Reserve.

  • Hiking

    To a variety of locations in the Western Ghats (or farther afield like the Himalayas!).

  • Water Sports

    Kayaking on the Mula River and other activities on the Mulshi Dam.

  • Mountain Biking

    Expeditions in the Sahyadri Mountains, along the Konkan-crest line, and majestic mountainous forts trail.

  • Endurance Training

    Training on the college's obstacle course and through a combination of other endurance challenges including kayaking, mountain cycling, rappelling, river crossing, trekking, and navigating.

  • Certified Training

    Search & Rescue, Lifeguarding, and other Emergency Responsive Trainings.

  • Campus Sports

    Other activities available are Soccer, Cage Football, Swimming, Cricket, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, Volleyball, Cycling, Yoga, Badminton, and Fitness.