Guiding Your Higher Educational Journey

Our University Guidance Office works closely with each student to help them plan their path after MUWCI, ensuring that they are applying to a place where they can pursue their passions and join a community they feel comfortable in. We are also mindful that some students may not want to dive into a higher education straight away and help them explore the possibilities of a Gap Year.

Students receive guidance that is:


Our full-time university guidance counsellor works with each student personally to understand their unique motivation, talents and skills. Students drive the process and decide which interests they want to pursue after MUWCI.


The world is rapidly evolving, and we guide students towards making smart, pragmatic choices for creating new career paths with a future-facing lens.


We challenge preconceived notions of what a ‘good’ university is and help students look beyond only high-profile choices that may not be the correct choice for the student’s holistic development.

Opening A World Of Possibilities

We help you evaluate universities and colleges around the world, whether they are liberal arts schools, government-funded schools, or schools in developing countries. We also help you assess which schools are renowned for your intended field of study, so you can choose the school that is best for you. More than 60% of MUWCI students attend universities in the US with the help of the Davis Scholarship.

While a large number of our students go on to attend university immediately, many of them elect to take a Gap year or Bridge Year between MUWCI and their higher education. A Gap Year can be an excellent opportunity for you to work on a personal project or engage in purposeful travel, and colleges often view a Gap Year as a valuable asset to admission. If you are considering a Gap Year, our Guidance Office will work with you to help you decide if it’s right for you.


MUWCI alumni have been placed in highly respected universities (see link below) in the countries highlighted above since 2015.


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