Our Approach to Residential Life

Education doesn’t end at the classroom doors — at MUWCI, our students are always learning from one another, even outside of formal learning spaces.

The campus was designed by award-winning architect Christopher Benninger with the aim of creating social spaces where students can informally interact with one another and with faculty. Our community is diverse, and these informal interactions help our students strengthen relationships and learn, at a personal level, about cultures different from them.

In addition to the larger MUWCI community, we also have micro-communities in place that give students multiple avenues to participate in campus and community life. These micro-communities serve as forums where every student has a voice that is heard and participates in shaping the community they live in.

Student Housing

The wadas are your home away from home. All students and faculty live on campus in one of five wadas. Every wada has approximately 6 student houses, each with two rooms, two bathrooms, and a house courtyard. Typically, four students — two first-years and two-second years — share a room.

There are approximately 4 to 5 faculty houses per wada. The wada faculty residents act as ‘house parents’ to the students living in their wada. Your house parent will periodically visit you and your house-mates in your house to make sure you’re well settled, getting along with your roommates and doing your laundry frequently enough! One of the wada’s faculty residents also acts as a ‘wada parent’ who is responsible for the safety and security of the students in the wada and for promoting an open, positive atmosphere. Finally, students are assigned to advisors who almost always live in the same wada, so they’re close at hand for guidance about all things academic, social, and personal. The role of faculty as house parents, advisors, and wada parents is an excellent way for our students to learn from faculty outside the context of academia.

Our students often organise events, movie nights, or dinner for their wada. You will live in the same wada for both years at MUWCI, building strong bonds with your fellow wada residents during your time here.

Social and Common Spaces

You will find informal and formal spaces to spend time with other students across the campus.

Each house in a wada has a small courtyard shared by the 8 residents of that house. Step outside your house courtyard and you will find the central court of your wada, laundry room, and a common room with a kitchen where you can hang out, cook, do homework, and attend wada meetings in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

The campus also has a Social Center with a recreation room, swimming pool, gymnasium, and coffee shop. You can get to know students who live in other wadas over these activities you enjoy – or indulging in friendly competition! Our pagoda overlooks the verdant hills that are home to our campus. It’s the perfect place to catch your breath as you meditate or watch the sunset at the end of a busy day.

We also have a multi-purpose hall where we hold movie screenings, guest lectures, and other campus-wide activities. The bi-monthly student-run college meetings held here are your place to discuss concepts that impact, engage, and/or inspire the entire MUWCI community.

Celebrating Difference

Throughout the year, we celebrate our cultural diversity and learn about the nuances of different cultures that can get lost in translation.

Being part of a diverse community help students learn about other cultures and traditions.