Our commitment to project-based learning comes from a recognition that the student drives learning. Project-based learning delivers authentic challenges while allowing students to be proactive and take charge of their education. All students follow a project-based curriculum in our academic programme or community engagement programme through:

  • Service Learning Projects
  • Local Project Weeks
  • Project-Based Certificate

Aside from these, the project-based learning approach is also woven into other areas of academics like the Group 4 interdisciplinary Science Project, the World Studies Extended Essay, and the Local Project Week.

Project-based learning is designed to help you develop new skills, identify your strengths and areas that require growth, show commitment to Triveni experiences, and much more. Your projects are the perfect platform to showcase your unique talents and abilities. These self-designed projects allow you to focus on a personally meaningful topic and challenge yourself to question, learn, and be curious inside and outside the classroom.

Project Week

Every year, our first-year students embark on a student-led and faculty-mentored project week wherein you will work with leading non-profit organisations across India. Second-year students work on independently designed projects during project week.

You will pitch your own projects with clear deliverables and participate in a public showcase to share what you have learned. We have NGO partners across causes, including children’s rights, biodiversity, human rights, sustainable living, and even Hindustani classical music preservation.


Project-Based Certificate

MUWCI students who like to go beyond the regular curriculum and sharpen their 21st century skills — creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking — are also offered the project-based certificate programme. You can pick an area of interest and a problem you would like to address through your project. Students’ ability to tailor the programme to their interests means there has been a wide variety of past project topics at MUWCI. From social entrepreneurship and the arts to robotics and public health, project topics have been creative and innovative, allowing students to sow the seeds for real change.

The Project-Based Certificate is ideal for students who seek to go beyond the IB and delve further into Project-Based Learning. You have the autonomy to choose your project, and you will learn to develop your voice and project management skills. In the second year, students are mentored by faculty and external experts to understand the problem better and implement innovative suggestions and strategies. The PBC is rigorous, and an important part of your journey and accomplishment is the showcase at the end of your second year. Students who successfully complete the project will graduate with an additional certificate citation besides the IB Diploma.



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