Our Approach to the Outdoors

Our attitude towards Ecological and Outdoor Education is an extension of Kurt Hahn’s philosophy that learning should be through doing things and lived experiences rather than by mere lectures. At MUWCI, we offer a variety of choice in how you engage with the outdoors and create your own learning at skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

The aim is to build affinity and connection to your surroundings so you can apply concepts learnt in class in a real-world setting. You will participate in outdoor expeditions and activities, engage with biodiversity, and understand ecosystems in the natural world as you build skills such as teamwork, resilience, leadership, and resource management.

Key Training/ Curriculum Modules
Systems Thinking/Complexity

We assisted the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in creating a module on systems thinking and complexity. Throughout the seven units of the module, you will be encouraged to consider new ways of seeing and thinking in response to meeting complex challenges in inter-connected systems.

First Aid and Disaster Management

We have worked with the National Outdoor Leadership School (USA) and Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education and Environmental Study (Mussoorie) to instruct students in first aid and disaster management, such as fire and rescue services in case of emergency.

Basic and Advanced Outdoor Skills

We have worked with the Rashtriya Life Saving Society to offer specialised lifeguard training so that students could kayak in nearby lakes and rivers.

Introduction to Biodiversity

We conduct weekly sessions with students focused on the importance of biodiversity in the context of climate change, ecological carrying capacity, ecological overshoot, complexity & interconnections in biodiversity, relevance of biodiversity for the survival of humans as a species.

Ecological Projects

Over the years, MUWCI students have undertaken several ecological projects that have had a lasting impact on our campus and community.

Natural Habitat for Butterflies

There are four Butterfly Gardens on campus with specific plant species planted for butterfly feeding.

Organic Farming for Sustainability

In partnership with the Gomukh Farming Cooperative, students have established an on-campus organic farm that provides them with the opportunity to learn about sustainable food production and soil management.

Soil and Water Conservation

On-going watershed restoration projects, fire mitigation, and soil conservation efforts are taking place to sustainably manage our soil and water resources. All students and faculty participate in the efforts through activities such as digging trenches, building water retention dams, or pulling invasive plant species on campus.

Outdoor Projects

Our outdoor projects have taken students both far and near, challenging them in a variety of different activities and situations.

Study of the Local Landscape Through Sport

For local project weeks, students have explored the topography of our home state of Maharashtra with activities such as bouldering, trekking, and climbing.

Disaster Management

Students in the Fire Service train for fitness and to learn the basics of fighting fire so they can put out small fires near campus.

Outdoor Expedition Training

For five months, a group of students trained five young women working with Akshara for a 30-day expedition to Ladakh, where they summited Stok Kangri and Lungser Kangri mountains.


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