Our Approach to Active Citizenship

To be a good global citizen, you must have a critical understanding of social issues and the tools for building social justice. Active citizenship and political education aren’t abstract theories at Mahindra United World College India (MUWCI).

Through modules, conferences, and discussions, you will learn to identify the issues affecting our campus and the world at large. Your involvement in campus committees will give you the opportunity to learn and understand how your decisions can impact our community and shape our culture.


The student and faculty diversity on campus is an essential part of life at MUWCI. Our location in rural India, the world’s largest democracy, allows you to see first-hand the issues and challenges of a culturally and economically diverse developing country.

Through interactive modules on race, class, and gender, students learn to identify and engage with contemporary social justice issues while developing social consciousness, compassion, and cultural awareness.

  • Active citizenship requires participation. Our students sit on various campus committees such as the Food, Health and Safety, Admissions & Advancement, and Residential Life Committees. The student representatives have full rights to participate in discussions on proposals and vote on behalf of the student body.

  • College Assembly

    The most noteworthy student-driven body on campus is the College Assembly (CA), composed of students and a few faculty members. Through the CA, you can directly make decisions that have a real-world impact on the entire community through initiatives, such as the austerity dinners and the waste management measures that help make the campus sustainable.

  • Wada Meetings

    You can help shape life in your wada through the weekly wada meetings, which are an essential part of campus residential life. You can discuss the values your wada will live by, individual concerns, play games, bond through various activities like wada dances, and much more.

    College Assembly representatives often use wada meetings to discuss the concerns of the wider community with a smaller group so that every student on campus can speak their mind. 

  • College Meetings

    Bi-monthly student-run college meetings are your place to discuss concepts that impact, engage, and inspire the entire MUWCI community. You can propose ideas you think will benefit the community, discuss pressing global affairs, or share concerns on any topic you consider important. Ideas that require further action will be passed on to the various Committees or the College Assembly.


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