Embodying Our Learning Principles

In the 21st century, a world-class education is about critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creation. We go beyond imparting world-class education through theories. Our students learn through experiences, the real-world application of and engagement with academic methods, and rigorous enquiry and examination. You will learn how to process information critically, question why things happen, and construct your own views and opinions rather than merely accept things at face value.


Critical thinking is vital to be able to recognise problems that need solving and create real change. It helps students analyse assertions and opinions, develop independent thought, and create valuable, informed solutions. Students are encouraged to look at the world through a critical lens and challenge preconceived notions.


A lot of learning at MUWCI is experiential. Rather than study abstract concepts in isolation, our students learn through multiple levels of engagement — with themselves and their peers, their physical surroundings, and the communities they live in. Understanding these contexts is crucial grounding for a MUWCI education so you can make meaningful connections to the real world.

Using quantitative analysis helps students study objective human behaviour through a subjective lens.

We leverage the diversity of perspectives within our community to help our students engage deeply with differing views and make better connections in their learning. Collaboration is built in at all stages — from building awareness of complex issues, to analysing them from multiple perspectives, to finding inter-disciplinary ways to address them.


Creativity and action are are essential for student wellness, collaboration, and teamwork. With creativity, our primary focus is building imagination and a sense of play. We encourage creativity for the sake of creativity — people creating random things — which can help you exist outside of worldly constraints instead of merely reproducing what already exists.

Creative teaching methods inside and outside the classroom make learning intangible concepts easier.

A MUWCI education equips students to re-imagine the world and enables them to effectively communicate this new vision to other people. We focus on what students think is important for them to accomplish, how they can engage with others to develop better ideas, and how they can work together to achieve the intended outcome.


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