We are fortunate to live on a beautiful 175-acre campus with our biodiversity reserve in the beautiful Western Ghats (Hills), a UN World Heritage Site. Only 10% of our campus is ‘built-up’, while the remaining 90% area is under natural cover with diverse habitats that are home to an extensive range of flora and fauna. Our campus is home to 405 species of plants/ trees, 22 species of mammals including the endangered Indian Pangolin, about 90 species of birds, 19 species of snakes including the five most venomous snakes found in India, and a large number of amphibian and insect species.

Our college has consistently invested in sustainable infrastructure/ technologies such as roof-top solar power, energy-efficient heat pumps for hot water supply, BLDC fans and LED lights, water flow restrictors for water saving, eco-friendly wastewater treatment plant, and food-waste to the biogas plant. As a result, we are a platinum-rated ‘Green Campus’ certified by the Indian Green Building Council.

We want to do more as part of UWC’s commitment to creating a sustainable future.

Your gift towards our sustainability efforts will help us make our campus even more eco-friendly and climate-friendly as we work to incorporate additional solar energy systems to power our campus, enhance our waste segregation facility and expand our network with local NGOs for waste recycling/ upcycling, spruce up our biodiversity trails and purchase more biomonitoring equipment such as camera traps, etc., and incorporate water table management systems to make our campus water secure.

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