Fundraising for MUWCI

Alumni, parents, and friends can reach out to [email protected] to explore opportunities to collaborate.

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Fundraising for MUWCI
Annual Giving Class Agents

Annual Giving volunteers are ambassadors for MUWCI, making vital connections with fellow alumni and encouraging their classmates to participate in a tradition of giving back that links MUWCI graduates of every era. For Classes with upcoming Reunions, there are several more volunteer opportunities available beyond fundraising.

Multi-National Companies

If your company has a significant Indian subsidiary or partner, it is possible the Indian company is eligible for mandatory CSR giving under the Companies Act, 2013. We also encourage you to find out if your company has a matching gift policy. 

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Annual Giving Parents Fund

Parents can play a vital role in the Annual Giving effort by encouraging fellow parents to join in supporting the college through the MUWCI Scholarship Fund. Parents are also welcome to participate in on-campus and regional events, to share their perspectives.

Individual Giving
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Corporate and
Foundation Giving
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