The Akhil Chadha Memorial Scholarship: In Loving Memory of a Classmate

Remembering Akhil (1987-2018)

This scholarship celebrates the life of Akhil Chadha who unfortunately is no longer with us. It will fund the annual tuition for one bright and deserving Indian student to attend UWC Mahindra College every year. Under this initiative, we have been able to support one scholarship for Tejashree (Class of 2020) last year and are raising for another deserving student for the Class of 2021.

UWC was a massive influence on Akhil’s life during the time he spent on campus from 2004 to 2006. This initiative commemorates his life by allowing someone to experience the same magical two years that Akhil was able to. We believe that this is the most fitting way to remember someone who gained so much from his time at UWC and gave back so much to those he befriended at the school. Please join us in championing Akhil's memory by creating this living legacy at MUWCI.

Aditya Kalyanasundaram, Aditya Malhotra and Ameve Sharma (MUWCI, Class of 2006)

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Who We're Championing

Arsalan Padder is a very bright, academically brilliant and highly motivated student from Anantnag, Kashmir in India, who has been selected to attend UWC Mahindra College in the academic year 2020-2022 on a full scholarship. He comes from a humble family background, his father being a shopkeeper and mother a contractual teacher.

Arsalan grew up in Anantnag in Kashmir and was selected on a full scholarship in a residential school in Pune, where he thrived and explored many of his interests like music and sports. He has been a top-ranked student in this school, and his academic performance and his recommendation letters prove that he is a very diligent, hard-working and sincere student. Arsalan was among the top-ranked students during the selection process too and was very competitively selected from over 900 students by the Indian National Committee (INC).

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Scholarships Matter

MUWCI & UWC India are rapidly increasing outreach to Indian students from more diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Over 35% of applicants now fall in the "full scholarship need" category. Yet from the final cohort of Indian students entering MUWCI, only 10% receive full scholarships. Our goal is to bring this up to 30% by 2022 under MUWCI's growing scholarship programme - for both Indian and overseas students.

Who we are

This scholarship initiative has been organized by Aditya Kalyanasundaram, Aditya Malhotra and Ameve Sharma (MUWCI, Class of 2006) with the support of MUWCI's Advancement Office.


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