The MUWCI Ripple Effect

Your donation to UWC Mahindra College underscores your commitment to the future of our institution. It allows us to admit a diverse and talented group of students each year, pioneer creative learning models, and nurture a more ecologically friendly campus environment.

No matter the size or type, any amount that you can contribute matters to us. Because ultimately, it is your gift which enables us to offer the most wholesome educational experience to every student, and we could not do the same without your support.

There are many reasons why making a gift to UWC Mahindra College is a worthwhile decision:

  • You believe that transforming a student’s life is an excellent return on your investment
  • You want current and future students to benefit from the same learning experience as you did
  • You are committed towards creating a sustainable future
  • You want to empower faculty members in developing novel ways of teaching
  • You recognize the importance of serving the community in addition to service to oneself
  • You understand that MUWCI relies on the generosity of donors to support its operational expenses
  • You wish to support groundbreaking research
  • You believe in the value of philanthropy

Every year, contributions made by MUWCI alumni, faculty, parents, and friends enable us to realize our institutional development goals. We hope that you will join this network by making a gift to MUWCI today.

Your Giving Sustains Our Mission
Amount Raised
Invest In Impactful Education
Student Support Fund

Provide opportunities and well-being support within a strong residential life programme.

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Scholarship Fund

Make MUWCI accessible to the best and the brightest students.

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Curriculum Innovation

Invest in the development of teaching and learning methods

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Campus Renewal

Give students and faculty access to improved teaching, residential, and sports facilities

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Make our campus ecologically and environmentally friendly

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Empower rural children through equal access to educational opportunities

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Ways to Give

To contribute to one of our causes or to know more, please click on the links below for information about tax benefits, employer matching, history of CSR, and how to make a gift.


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