Relational Education

We believe that effective education is relational and active — learning happens in relation to the ideas, places, and cultures that surround you. You will learn about India both on- and off-campus by engaging with her languages, the neighbouring community, and travelling farther afield. You will travel through India, undertake challenging expeditions, and tackle the issues surrounding social, political, and economic inequity in India. It’s a unique opportunity to make an impact that being in a developing country affords you.


Homestays are mandatory for all students and are a chance to experience an overnight stay with rural Indian families. Through homestays, you can get to know the people who live around MUWCI and are essential to the work we do both on campus and off-campus. Most importantly, you will learn something about yourselves by a brief but immersive experience with others whom we might not seem to have that much in common to begin with. Homestays are organised through our longstanding partners and with families that have been associated with them for the last decade.

This is India

This course gives you an overview of India — her history, geography, politics, religions, democracy, diversity, caste, development, and much more. Students are encouraged to maintain an open-minded and thoughtful attitude towards a culture that might be foreign to them. You will study through films, art, texts, and discussion while undertaking critical analysis, research, reflection, and evaluation.

Experience India Week

Experience India Week gives newly arrived first years an opportunity to get off campus and engage with this vast, dynamic, and diverse country we call home. The trips help you get acquainted with India, bringing back thoughtful stories of your adventures as you explore themes such as history, culture, development, nature, and politics. Experience India Week helps individual growth so you can expand your comfort zone. You won’t just be a passive tourist — all our trips require you to be proactively engaged in contributing to your experience.

Students experience India beyond our local community during travel weeks.
MUWCI ki Hindi

Languages are more than sets of grammatical and structural rules. To learn another language is to open yourself up to another culture and interact with others. In MUWCI ki Hindi, you will learn basic Hindi conversational skills and be able to messages presented in simple texts. You will gain basic competence in the language, become equipped with skills to facilitate further learning, understand the nature of language and the process of learning language, and gain insight into the cultural characteristics of places where Hindi is spoken.

Cultural Celebrations: Festivals and Exeats

Although the hill has its own life, we are keen for our students and faculty to learn about and from the rich cultures that surround us. On campus, you will participate in Ganesh Visarjan, Diwali, Eid, Santa Lucia, and other such celebrations. Moreover, we encourage our Indian students to host their friends over shorter breaks to give you a strong cultural immersion.