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Scholarships at MUWCI


MUWCI is proud to offer a world-class international school education to students from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds. More than 85% of our students receive need-based scholarships.

If the college’s annual fees are a stretch for your family’s income and resources, we will seek to create a supportive scholarship package based on demonstrated need with the support of your National Committee. Financial support for our students is determined at the time of admission and may also extend beyond fees, and can cover additional school-related costs like flights, pocket money and field trips.

Maximising opportunities through scholarships

UWC’s need-based scholarship approach is designed to maximise the number of students who can attend our schools and colleges. This means each family is asked to contribute as much as they are reasonably able to fees. Your family’s contribution to fees will be determined through a financial assessment based on a variety of factors like parental income and assets, family size, and household expenditure.

Remember, admissions are based on merit but scholarships are determined by need. If we are unable to meet a candidate’s demonstrated need, we would prefer not to offer them a place at MUWCI, so be transparent in your family’s ability to contribute to fees.

What makes MUWCI worth it?

A MUWCI education isn’t just about getting an IB Diploma — it’s an experience no other IB school can match.

   Learn in and from the diversity of India

   Live on a campus designed to build community, inspire, and challenge

   Take charge of your education, inside and outside the classroom

   Make a real-world impact on issues that matter to you


of students on full scholarships (Class of '21)


of students on partial needs-based scholarships (Class of '21)


Paying it Forward

A large portion of our scholarship funds is made possible through the generous donations of our alumni. Many of our alumni, who live around the world, credit their time at MUWCI as a life-altering experience that has shaped the path they have taken in their lives. Their contributions to our scholarship funds are a way for them to help a new generation of young students live the MUWCI experience.


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