Between the time you are nominated to MUWCI and your arrival on campus, these are the steps you’ll be following. To guide you through this process, the Admissions office will be in touch with you at every step!

Nominations and Acceptance

Congratulations on being nominated to MUWCI! Provided you accept, an exciting adventure awaits you. You should have received an e-mail from the Admissions office containing the following documents:

  • Offer letter
  • Student Handbook
  • Key Dates
  • Schedule of Fees
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Student Information

To accept your position at MUWCI, all you have to do is send us a declaration letter and duly fill the student information form.

Fees & Enrollment

In this step, you will receive the following documents. Please see to it that you make it a priority to start processing the fee amount and visa application on your end.

  • Fee Invoice
  • Visa Invitation Letter
Visa and Immunisation

Applying for and acquiring a visa can at times, be a long-winded, anxiety-inducing process. These handy guidelines will help! You will also receive a health and well being form to ensure a smooth transition to MUWCI from your home.

  • Visa application guidelines
  • Health & Well-being form
Planning your arrival

Do make sure you take a look at the key dates and plan your arrival in India/Pune accordingly. Please book your flights only once you have acquired a visa (in case of delays, please keep the Admissions office informed). It is of utmost importance that this information reaches us as soon as possible so we can ensure seamless pickups and file immigration paperwork for all students.

  • Arrival form
  • Visa scans, photo submissions for immigration purposes (FRO)
Additional Enrollment Papers

Just a final round of information around academic planning, and you’re almost done!

  • Academic Planning Form
  • Permissions Form
  • Parent Engagement Form
What to Pack

We've made a suggested packing overview put together by current MUWCI students & the Head of Admissions. The list is general advice on what will be useful, especially for students from overseas who may not have a chance to return home for a while. Please keep in mind that you can buy most things in Pune! To get some idea of what things are available in India and their comparative costs, please visit Amazon India.

We recognize students come to MUWCI from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and have different budgets and ideas of what items are ‘essential’ and what are ‘luxuries’. Excessive displays of wealth and overly consumerist attitudes have no place at UWCs. When budgeting and packing for your UWC experience, you are encouraged to think about what it will mean to live in a community with such differences.


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