So, What IS UWC?

UWC Mahindra College is one of 18 schools and colleges around the globe that are part of the UWC (formerly United World College) movement. UWC offers a challenging and transformational education to a deliberately diverse group of young people, inspiring them to become agents of positive change. The UWC movement operates the only global network of pre-university schools whose aims are to make leaders to create a peaceful and sustainable future, selected on their own merit, regardless of their ability to pay.

The movement was founded in 1962 by education thought leader Kurt Hahn, with the vision of bringing together young people from both sides of the Cold War divide to live and learn together and become champions of peace in their countries. We remain committed to this goal today but have expanded our reach to embrace the tensions and conflicts that exist within and between societies.

The UWC International Office, based in London acts as a point of co-ordination, or area of common ground, between the many elements which make up the UWC movement, including the International Board, the UWC Council and the International Congress.

UWC Schools and Colleges

Today, UWC schools, colleges and programs deliver a challenging and transformative educational experience to a diverse range of students, inspiring them to create a more peaceful and sustainable future. To date, more than 60,000 young people from over 160+ countries have studied at UWC schools and colleges.

Each College shares the same mission, values and guiding principles but each has its own character depending on their history and location. Most of the colleges, like ours, enroll students only for Grades 11 and 12 (the IB Diploma). However, some of the other schools like UWC Waterford Kamhlaba (eSwatini), UWC Maastricht (the Netherlands) and UWC South East Asia (Singapore) enroll students in lower grades as well. 

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UWC Alumni

UWC alumni share a lifelong commitment to our values. Many see their time in our classrooms and our campuses as the beginning of a transformative UWC journey that lasts a lifetime. Through the new experiences and friends you build, a UWC education will help you understand your place in the world and give you the tools to work towards a more peaceful and sustainable future.

UWC National Committee System

UWC depends on the dedication and expertise of a network of volunteers to find and select many of our students

These volunteer groups are called national committees and they operate in over 160+ countries worldwide.

The UWC national committee system selects more than 1000 students each year from within their countries and territories to attend UWC schools, colleges and programmes. An active network of volunteers and staff make up our national committees who then organize camps, a range of activities and formal interviews to establish students’ commitment to UWC values and potential to thrive throughout the UWC experience.

In India, the United World College Committee of India situated in Mumbai takes care of all selections of Indian residents and non-resident (NRI) students.

For a list of national committees and their contact details, please see here.