The safety and well-being of our community is our topmost priority
Safety on MUWCI campus


MUWCI is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all members of our community. A vigilant best-practice approach to safeguarding is an integral part of our educational planning and is motivated by core UWC values. Safeguarding at MUWCI is guided by Indian Law and international Safeguarding Standards. A comprehensive Safeguarding framework is in place which adheres to the UWC Common Standards on Safeguarding and has also been reviewed and approved through the Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation process. The CIS accreditation benchmarks our policies and procedures against common standards and best practices of international schools around the world.

Reporting Concerns

Individuals who have concerns or reports on safeguarding related matters should email [email protected] or approach our Designated Safeguarding Leads:

Child Protection Officer

Subarna Sampat

[email protected]

Deputy Child Protection Officer

Karl Pestonji

[email protected]

Head of College

Mr. Gaurav Chopra

[email protected]

While UWC schools and colleges remain the first point of contact for safeguarding concerns and reports, UWC International also provides reporting mechanisms for anyone within the UWC community. Information on UWC International's Safeguarding policies and independent reporting mechanisms (online platform, phone) are available here.

For reporting of all incidents of Discrimination and Harassment (for individuals above 18 years of age), including Sexual Harassment has to be made to the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), preferably, within a period of 3 (three)  months from the date of such incident. Information about the ICC and members of other committees on campus is available here.

Safeguarding Policies

Links to key school policies regarding safeguarding can be accessed below.


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