175 acres of verdant green in the ecologically rich Sahyadri Hills


Our Campus

Our campus design bolsters appreciation for our location and our community. It was designed by award-winning architect Christopher Benninger, who paid homage to traditional Indian architecture by incorporating elements such as wadas, staggered steps, and lotus ponds. The buildings are made of local stone and red Mangalore tiles, giving the campus a village feel. There are several panoramic viewpoints from where you have unobstructed views of the lush Sahyadri Hills that house MUWCI.

The campus buildings, quadrangles, lawns, and common areas are spaces for every member of the community to interact with others. These spaces are spread across the developed area of the campus, meaning you’re never far away from a good conversation.


Facilities & Events

Our campus is residential, and we offer numerous facilities for our students to pursue their academic and recreational goals, from academic buildings and sports facilities to social spaces and medical amenities.

Schools and educational partners (both from India and abroad) can host learning-focused events on our campus during the summer. We will design your programme based on your requirements for a meaningful learning experience.



Multip-purpose Hall / Steps Near MPH

Van Vihar Biodiversity Reserve and Conservation Park

Our sprawling 175-acre campus is located in the Western Ghats, a biological diversity hotspot. It contains a 120-acre biodiversity reserve and conservation park that includes trees, medicinal plants, and a wide variety of fauna.

Our Location

MUWCI is located in the Mulshi region of Maharashtra, approximately 40km away from Pune, Maharashtra’s second-largest city.

The campus’s location was a deliberate decision. The use of a vast stretch of undeveloped land in the hills made it possible to build a biodiversity reserve that embodies our commitment to sustainability. Our independent, rural setting builds a close-knit community on campus, while our close relationship with the neighbouring villages — through our Akshara programme and homestays or overnight visits — makes us part of the larger Mulshi community.

Pune is a vibrant city that is a major education hub. On weekend day-trips, students can visit Pune’s museums, gardens, shops, or restaurants and experience young, urban India. Pune is well-connected to the rest of India through its airport, major railway network, and national highway.

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Multip-purpose Hall / Steps Near MPH


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