Education that guides and inspires
Educational Vision

Our educational vision is framed by the UWC Educational Model, which places deliberate diversity at its core. Our students live and learn in a diverse community where they are challenged to be engaged and motivated so that they can reach their potential and become agents of change, fostering peace and sustainability in the world.

You will follow a rigorous academic programme that teaches a broad range of subjects across the IB groups. But at MUWCI, it’s not just about the IB subjects—academic learning, experiential learning, and community living are interconnected parts of the unique educational experience of a MUWCI student.

We have developed our own curriculum that encompasses political education, ecological and outdoor education, social and emotional education, and host studies. Service learning and engaging with the community are vital to the MUWCI experience. Our project-based approach to education allows you to engage in a range of relevant topics. Our students stand apart and develop confidence as they learn how to apply theoretical concepts to understand and interact with those around you with empathy and compassion.


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