Namaste! Hola! Muraho! Salamne! Gutentaarg! Bonjour!

Our alumni network extends the world over- extending across time, countries and jobs you may have had. This page has been launched with the intention of helping you get back in touch and to stay involved with us. We hope that you will share stories and find lost roommates. That you will reconnect with the faculty who worked with you and the pets who are now campus mascots! We hope to make it easy for you to get in touch, to stay connected and to support the College.

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We host 10-year reunions for alumni every two years. To see the Reunion Calendar for upcoming years, check out this blog post: When Is My MUWCI Reunion?. If you are interested in helping with the reunion, please get in touch with our Alumni Office: [email protected] 


You are our best resource for spreading the word about our College. Even simple things like, ensuring that you list UWC Mahindra College on our social and professional profiles and adding a link to our website on any biography is extremely helpful!

We also would love alumni to do presentations for the school and our summer programmes in communities around the world. We have all the resources you need- from downloadable brochures, posters and presentations to make this easy. Giving presentations is a fun way to inspire others to live the UWC values and mission and maybe to apply!

We are currently developing more extensive resources so you can stay in touch with us, and with each other. We welcome you back to campus, if you wish to give a talk or give back through in kind donations.

Reconnect with us at [email protected]