All students and faculty live in one of five residential units called a ‘wada’, a Marathi word for dwelling. These are groups of houses that are clustered around a central courtyard. Each wada has approximately 10 student houses, with two rooms each, two bathrooms and a house courtyard. Each room is typically composed of four students, two in their first year and two in their second year. The wada is supervised by two faculty members called ‘Wada Parents’, who are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of those living there. You will live in your Wada for two years and it will become your home away from home. Each wada is equipped with a common room where there is a basic kitchen and a place to hang out with your friends.

Participating in the life of the wada is central to gaining the most from the experience at the college and provides the opportunity for initiatives and ideas to be shared and explored. Your wada will develop its own character through the participation of its members and the guidance of faculty members.  Every night, you will have to check-in with your wada parents or wada teachers to ensure that you are safe and on campus. It is mandatory for all students to be present during check-in.

A Typical Day and Important timings

Classes at the college start at 7:30 and end at 2:10pm to leave afternoons free for activities, meetings and informal interactions- oh, and studying of course!