UWC Mahindra College opens the world to you. Our alumni are engaged and involved in a wide variety of fields and enjoy access to the world’s top universities and colleges. Beyond incredible access to opportunities, the mindset of a UWC alumnus is that of confidence who is able to work in a variety of fields to help in achieving a more peaceful and sustainable future.

Gap Year

Many of our students elect to take a Gap Year at the end of their UWC experience. A Gap Year is an excellent opportunity for a student to work on a personal project or travel and provides a good way for him/her to come to terms with unstructured time and understand what they would like to study in the future. We highly encourage all of our students to take Gap Years and universities and colleges see a gap year as a valuable asset to admission.

University and College Guidance Office

We are privileged to have our students accepted into the world’s top universities. We have a full-time, residential Guidance Counselor and a Guidance Office that works with individual students to ensure that they are applying to places where they will be able to pursue their own passions and be part of a community they feel comfortable in. Each student is different and unique and it is important to keep this in mind and to understand every student’s talents and skills when applying to schools or colleges.

All UWC students are expected to remain committed to the goals and ideals of the UWC movement throughout their lives, in ways they see fit to drive change in the world around them.

Download a list of our University Placements (2014 - 2018)