The Triveni Program aims to achieve a more tangible impact both in our college community and in the local community. UWC Mahindra College has pioneered a new project-based Triveni programme which will equip students with concrete skills such as innovative problem solving, community organizing, and project development to help them become agents of social change.

By focusing on projects, students will learn the basics of project management, such as conducting needs assessments, generating ideas, analyzing how those ideas match the needs, identifying resources, planning and preparing, executing, and evaluating.

Prior to the development of projects, students will engage one of five areas of interest:

  • Education,
  • Peace,
  • Sustainability,
  • Communication & Culture, and
  • Outdoor Adventure,

For each of these streams, they will undertake a period of skill-building to gain the necessary expertise to conduct the projects.

Each student will engage in one of the five Triveni streams and can choose to further specialize within these streams if they wish by developing specific projects within their chosen stream.