UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma

UWC Mahindra College developed UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma to provide students with the most options to develop fully according to their learning styles and to challenge themselves in authentic ways as they prepare for a new and interesting world. The school is committed to supporting between 25% and 50% of our students doing the programme in the coming years.

UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma is designed to help students meet the demands of the 21st century, while utilising all the resources available to them in today’s world, through project based learning, and in the spirit of the United World Colleges Guiding Principles and Educational Model.

The UWC Guiding Principles recognize that “each individual possesses unique talents and abilities” and colleges are required to offer “programmes which enable students to fulfil their potential.” UWC education strives for “the balanced development of the whole person” in ways that go beyond merely the academic dimension. In particular colleges must enshrine basics such as “international and intercultural understanding”, “compassion and service”, and “respect for the environment” and engage in “reflective dialogue on global issues”.  

The need to prepare our students for the demands of the 21st century and in recognition of the goals of the UWC guiding principles, UWC Mahindra College is offering a new programme, with a focus on project based and experiential learning. UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma will give students an option to develop through a process of self-constructed and professionally supported learning centred around the design, development, and execution of a personally meaningful research project. Success in the project will require broad understanding of many disciplines and mastery of research, analysis and presentation.

UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma will include the following components:

  1. The Mahindra Project:
    The project lies at the heart of UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma. It will be the primary focus for all Project Based Diploma students, driven by the student’s personal interests and skills. The projects will tend to be on issues related to the UWC mission and in areas relevant to our context and with which our community has experience, e.g. social justice, the environment and sustainability, or social entrepreneurship. Students can create this project in any format, e.g. as a movie, a written thesis, a series of presentations, etc. Student projects will be presented to a project evaluation committee made up of faculty and expert external assessors who will qualitatively assess the learning involved over the duration of the program.

  2. Cambridge University Pre-U Diploma:
    Each UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma student will fulfil the criteria for the award of the Cambridge Pre-U Diploma; a school leaving qualification with worldwide recognition. This will involve a mix of Principal Courses from the Cambridge curriculum, with the option of IB Higher Level courses, a course in Global Perspectives, and the completion of an Independent Research Report. The three courses taken will be chosen by the student, in consultation with their mentors, to provide the content and develop the skills required for the project.

  3. Triveni Programme:
    PBD students participate actively in the UWC Mahindra Triveni (CAS) Programme, which which focuses on community engagement and service, action, and creativity. This is done in one of five streams through which work is viewed through different lenses. These are: 

    • Education and Learning

    • Peace and Justice

    • Environment and Sustainability

    • Communication and Culture

    • Outdoor and Adventure 

      All UWC Mahindra College students will join one of these streams and complete projects within it. UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma students will choose Triveni activities related to their UWC Mahindra Project and will design and implement short-term Triveni projects that contribute to their UWC Mahindra Project. The link between the Triveni projects and the main UWC Mahindra Project is of absolute necessity for Project Based Diploma students.

  4. People Nations and Cultures (PNC):
    All UWC Mahindra College First Years including those doing the PBD take this course. It goes beyond the IB TOK course covering issues such as identity and nationalism, peace and conflict, knowledge and power and explores knowledge issues in these areas. 

  5. Seminar Programme:
    All PBD aspirants must actively engage in the seminar programme, which is a key feature of the self constructed and supported learning of the diploma. Students will both participate in and facilitate seminars. Students will choose, in consultation with the project advising committee, public lectures, online courses, etc. on issues particular to the project, which will complement the classroom and experiential learning. All students will have seminars on research methodology. Further, all PBD students will facilitate seminars, for the student body and larger community, on issues in which they develop expertise during their studies.

Each UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma student is supported by educators, researchers and industry professionals who are leaders in their field, throughout the entire programme. These mentors are always available as a resource for students as they move through the project management lifecycle.

We are excited to be the first in the world to offer such an innovative curriculum and we are ready to support students who are willing to give themselves a new academic challenge.