The Extended Essay and PNC

Extended Essay

Students can pick a topic of their choice and must write a 4000 word essay on the subject that must be original work.

People Nations and Cultures

This course is taught instead of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and is a requirement of the IB. People, nations and Cultures… and why they don’t agree is a school-based syllabus. The course will explore many of the issues that have brought you a UWC, to an international curriculum, and to India: issues of individual and cultural differences, of pluralism, relativism, and universal truth (or the lack thereof). If at the end of the course you have a better appreciation for knowledge as a contested domain (and as a contest rarely played on a level playing field) one of its objectives would have been served. Bu abstract knowledge issue are shaped by and continually transform the real world. How individuals and groups differ in their understanding often influences who they think they are, and hence how they will act, individually and collectively. Hence this course will ask questions about the connection of knowledge to various aspects of the real world- eg. Identity, difference, power, conflict and change.

This is a mandatory course for everyone in order to graduate.