The IB requires students to select six subjects. They must take one from each of the six groups: three at higher level (HL) and three at standard level (SL).

Group 5: Mathematics

There are four (4) levels of mathematics offered at the school. There are two (2) placement tests that take place to ensure that students are at the right level. One during the Orientation week based on which we make the appropriate level recommendations. HL and SL work in tandem and run through essentially the same content during the first semester. At the end of the 1st semester, another placement test is conducted based on the material covered and students are placed accordingly.

Students should understand that the different levels are levels of comfort and not levels of intelligence. The placement tests strive to place students in the appropriate comfort levels based on their skill to prevent migration between levels during second year which can be harder to cope with and to assess. The following courses are available in Mathematics:

  • Further Mathematics (HL)
  • Mathematics (HL)
  • Mathematics (SL)
  • Mathematical Studies (SL)