The IB requires students to select six subjects. They must take one from each of the six groups: three at higher level (HL) and three at standard level (SL).

Group 1: Language A

English A: Literature -HL/SL

Through the study of a wide range of literature, this course encourages students to appreciate the artistry of literature and to develop an ability to reflect critically on their reading. Works are studied in their literary and cultural contexts, through close study of individual texts and passages and by considering a range of critical approaches. Through the study of works originally written in English and works translated into English from many languages, the course introduces students to diverse cultural perspectives.

Spanish A: Literature HL/SL

Spanish Literature follows the same format as English A: Literature with the exception that the texts studied will be in Spanish. This course is intended for those people for whom Spanish is a Mother Toungue.


English A: Language and Literature (L&L) -HL/SL

English Language and Literature is, at its core, a cultural studies course.  While studying the traditional literary art forms of the novel, drama, and poetry, L&L students will also investigate, more broadly, media and communication. Additionally, students will study how language, broadly understood, interacts with/as cultural expression and mass communication.  Topics may include: the use of social media as persuasive speech, post-colonial re-readings of original texts, rhetoric and visual literacy of propaganda art, how language constructs gender identity, advertising, blogs, satire, bias, and use of style and register. In addition to studying English language and vocabulary, literary devices, English grammar, mechanics, and style, students can expect to write quite extensively in L&L.  The course is intended for both native and non-native speakers of English.

English A: Literature & Performance- SL only

Literature and Performance is an interdisciplinary synthesis of Language and Theatre Arts. At the heart of the course is this interaction between (i) a conventional literary emphasis on close reading, critical writing and discussion and (ii) the practical, aesthetic and symbolic elements of performance. We will study playwrights and poets from different parts of the world while practically and theoretically considering the relationship between the page and the stage.

At UWC Mahindra College Literature & Performance was offered for the first time in 2013-2014 as a one year, Standard Level course. The assessment for this course includes three written essays, the production of two short performances, and an oral presentation.

Please note that the IB does NOT allow students who study Theatre Arts HL or SL or ESS to also study Literature & Performance.

School-supported self-taught course- SL only

Self-taught course aims to encourage student’s appreciation of literature, to develop their capacity to read responsively and to give you the tools necessary to discuss and analyze literary texts.  In this course we explore techniques for reading responsively, key aspects of literary texts, terms and concepts useful for literary analysis, and the fundamental formats of literary commentary and analysis (close reading, commentary, essay).

The self-taught course differs from other Language A1 courses in that we will only cover one part (out of four) of the course material in a class-based setting. Of the 10 works students are required to study to complete the IB Syllabus, we will be reading and discussing two in class; the other eight students study on their own time, either independently or in a group with other students who are completing the course in their language. To this end, We see this course as forum for discussion and reflection in which we hope to share with students some basic approaches to reading, discussing and writing about literary texts, which they will then be able to apply both to the texts we study here together, and to the texts they study in their own language.