Components of the IB Diploma Programme

  1. Courses:
    The IB requires students to select six subjects. They must take one from each of the following groups: three at higher level (HL) and three at standard level (SL). You can click on the Group Name for further information.

    • GROUP 1: Language and Literature
      • English Literature (HL/SL)
      • English Literature & Language (HL/SL)
      • Spanish Literature (HL/SL)
      • Mother Language Self-Taught (SL)
    • GROUP 2: Language Acquisition

      • English B (HL/SL)
      • Hindi B (HL/SL)
      • Spanish B (HL/SL)
      • French B (HL/SL)
      • Spanish Ab Initio (SL)
      • French Ab Initio (SL)
    • GROUP 3: Individuals & Societies

      • Psychology (HL/SL)
      • Philosophy (HL/SL)
      • Global Politics (HL/SL)
      • History (HL/SL)
      • Economics (HL/SL)
    • GROUP 4: Experimental Sciences

      • Physics (HL/SL)
      • Chemistry (HL/SL)
      • Biology (HL/SL)
      • Environmental Systems & Societies (SL)*
      • Computer Science (HL)
    • GROUP 5: Mathematics

      • Math A&I - Applications & Interpretations (HL/SL)
      • Math A&A - Analysis & Approaches (HL/SL)
    • GROUP 6: The Arts 1

      • Visual Arts (HL/SL)
      • Film Studies (HL/SL)
      • Theatre (HL/SL)

    * At UWC Mahindra College Environmental Systems & Societies is only offered as a Group 4 subject. You cannot choose ESS as an elective in Group 3 although it is considered trans-disciplinary by the IB.

  2. You are highly encouraged to take a Group 6 subject, but if you have a good reason, an additional subject from one of the other groups can be taken instead of an Arts subject. We believe that Arts allow students to develop an appreciation of aesthetics and that all disciplines- including future engineers or economists can use the lessons learned in an academic approach to art in being better in their careers and their lives.

  3. Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) Essay
    The IB requires all students to take a course on Theory of Knowledge (TOK). During their second year, students will have to write an essay on a knowledge area related to the course.

  4. Extended Essay
    Every student must write an independent research essay (up to 4000 words) in one subject or interdisciplinary world studies or peace and conflict studies.

  5. Take part in the Triveni programme (Creation, Activity, Service for the IB)
    Students must complete a certain number of projects and reflections for activities. At UWC Mahindra College, this is an important part of our Experiential Learning curriculum and is extremely rigorous. See here for more information regarding our Triveni programme.