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Environmental Systems Classes

Environmental Systems classes make use of the various environments in our Biodiversity Reserve to truly immerse you in the class

Physics Class

Even physics class can be an opportunity for collaboration and discussion

Explore India

Explore Indias unique cultural heritage by visiting UNESCO world heritage sites such as Ajanta and Ellora caves

Group Based Learning

Group based learning is a key component of learning at UWC Mahindra College

Make Friends

Make friends with the many creatures on campus

Maths Classes

Maths classes were never so fun! Using chalk to demonstrate mathematical concepts

Visual Arts Centre

Our Visual Arts Centre has two studios- a sculpting area, a kiln and extensive materials to develop a keen artistic vision

60 Countries

Study with students from over 60 countries in your classes

Teach Outside

Teachers will often teach outside, using the campus as their resource

Outdoors For Laboratories

Teachers will often use the outdoors for laboratories


Theatre is the medium of choice at UWC Mahindra College - Theatre classes allow students to do independent research while learning about the theory behind important theatrical movement


We are one of the few IB schools to offer IB Dance as a subject - In India you will have the opportunity to learn traditional and modern techniques


We have a first class Digital Laboratory where you can learn to make your films during IB Film Class


Through regular conferences held on campus, our students get to interact with experts in various fields who contribute to their intellectual growth.


The college hosts MUN every year that allows our students to engage in political discussions and debates with students from other schools in India.


Hands-on learning also takes places in the form of workshops in areas that interest our student body.

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