The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma:
The IB Diploma was pioneered at our sister college, UWC Atlantic College and the aims of the IBO and the UWC schools and colleges are very similar and interconnected.

The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.

UWC Mahindra College was among the first schools to offer the IB in India and we have been offering the diploma since our beginning. All faculty attend IB workshops and many are examiners in their disciplines. Visitors and parents are astounded by the maturity and higher level thinking that are exhibited by our students.

You will be asked to challenge your teachers in class and they will expect a very high degree of involvement from you. We expect you to do your very best, to learn for the love of learning and to focus on knowledge acquisition and critical thinking- not on your grades!  This attitude has shown, during the past 16 years, to be an excellent way of ensuring that students develop outstanding intellectual capacities and, we continue to be among the top performing IB schools in Asia and prized students for universities around the world.

UWC Project Based Certificate:
Motivated students can also opt for the challenge of a UWC Project-Based Diploma, an innovative programme that allows you to choose a research project to pursue during your two years of study.

Explore Our Classroom:
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Learning Support:
The UWC Mahindra College IB Diploma is a demanding academic programme and it takes most students some time to adjust to this new method of teaching and learning.

Additional Academic Requirements & Opportunities

We are committed to providing the best academic opportunities for our students. Beyond the traditional academic curriculum, all first year students must also attend two seminars:

  • This Is India
  • Global Affairs

In addition, some teachers will offer Evening Seminars. These change every year but in the past, have included Global Literature, History of Music, Facilitation Training, Peace and Conflict, -Isms Classes. Thursday nights are reserved for the Faculty Lecture Series when distinguished guests- whether academics, parents, teachers offer a lecture or debate on an interesting subject.  We have many guest lecturers who come to campus to address our students on a variety of topics or to offer workshops. These are great opportunities for students to tie their academic learning with on-going research and connect with practitioners in many fields.

Finally, students wishing to challenge themselves further and having the time to do so are offered the Cambridge Pre-University Global Perspectives course.