Volunteering for UWC Mahindra College allows you to connect with mission of the College in a meaningful way. Alumni - who are especially encouraged to give back across the three areas of 'Time, Talent & Treasure' - will find ideas on how to get involved below. 


Alumni and friends are invited to volunteer their professional, personal and educational expertise in the following ways: 

  • Contributing to our Alumni Career Panels Series (organized via video conference for our students) 
  • Offering job shawdowing or internships opportunities to students over the summer or winter breaks. 
  • Participating in our on-campus  Alumni-In-Residence Programme (between 2-4 weeks in October to mid-December or January to mid-April) 
  • Facilitating one of our short programmes over the summer or a custom programme during the school year. 
  • Mentoring second year students in the university application process

Please email [email protected] to discuss how you can contribute to these programmes - we're excited to hear from you! 

VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME (On & Around Campus)

Please visit our Internships section to find out how you can volunteer / intern on our campus and in our surrounding communities. 

VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME (In Your Home Community) 


It is possible to volunteer for UWC Mahindra College in your home community. By giving presentations to youth and parents who might potentially attend our College and our summer programmes. Please contact the Advancement Office at [email protected] to discuss how you can help. 


UWC National Committees exist in over 159 countries and are always looking for volunteers to help spread the word, fundraise, carry out short courses, help with interviews. Connect with your closest National Committee here


The majority of our students come to UWC Mahindra College on some form of needs-based scholarship. By fundraising for scholarships, you are helping a youth of high potential get access to world class education and will allow him or her to change the world. You can fundraise in a variety of ways, from hosting indian dinner parties, to holding auctions- you are limited only in your imagination. Please contact the Advancement Office at [email protected] to discuss how you can help.