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Admissions Process

As with many aspects of our curriculum, our selections process is unique to the UWC movement. There are two main ways you can apply to UWC Mahindra College's 2-year Diploma Programme: 

UWC's National Committee System

There are national committees and selection contacts in over 159 countries, so the large majority of UWC Mahindra College's students are selected through this route. Over 85% of students selected for our college through the UWC national committee system receive needs-based scholarships. So if you require financial support to attend UWC, you should make your application through a National Committee. When you apply, you apply to the UWC movement and not to a specific school, although you will be able to make a preference. For more information on how to apply via a National Committee: 

UWC's Global Selections Programme (GSP)

The Global Selection Programme is designed for candidates who wish to apply 10-12 months before the beginning of the school year and are looking to attend a specific UWC school or college. There are no scholarships available through this route and candidates must be able to pay the full fee for UWC Mahindra College once they have successfully applied. The Programme is coordinated by UWC International in close cooperation with UWC schools, colleges and the UWC national committees. Selections are carried out by experienced UWC selection volunteers. 

Students applying through this route are advised to submit their online application early as there are limited spaces available at each Global Selection Weekend. The latest an application would be considered is within 10 days of the Global Selection Weekend that the applicant would be able to attend, if shortlisted.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have further information about our programs or curriculum. If you wish to visit campus please click here.

Scholarships and Fees

More than 85% of our students are on some form of needs based scholarship. This means students are eligible to receive a financial support package based solely on the income and financial assets of their family or guardians. Students receive admissions based on merit and financial aid based on need. This is our is our way of ensuring we maximize our scholarship funding to make our education acccessible to the widest range of students possible. Fees cover tuition, IB fees registration, room and board and health insurance for the two-year program. To read the guidelines on fees and scholarships, please click here.

Age Requirement

Students will normally be between 16 and 18 years on September 1 of the year they matriculate at UWC Mahindra College. The College will, at its discretion, relax this requirement in individual cases.

Who is an Ideal Applicant?

It is very hard to describe an ideal candidate. In fact, we pride ourselves in attracting and admitting a great diversity of students from around the world regardless of their socio-economic background, politics, religion, caste, ethnicity, language, gender, opinions, culture or race.

UWC students are defined by their ambition and ability to create a more peaceful and sustainable future. They are united in a commitment to positive social action to build a more equitable and fairer world. Although strong academic achievement is valued highly, our ethos compels us to think more broadly about the knowledge and skills that will shape our students as whole people.

As a transformational experience a UWC education empowers students to become leaders in social responsibility, inspiring them to effect change personally, locally nationally and internationally. Living and learning at a UWC is an intense experience and candidates should be physically and emotionally robust in order to thrive in our system.

Our students are selected based on their merit and potential to build a better world. For this, we look at whether candidates have made the most of the opportunities available to them to date and, in particular, the following criteria:

  • Intellectually Curious and Motivated
  • Demonstrated active commitment
  • Ability and readiness to reflect, question and confront one s own values
  • They are able to work with a diversity of people and interact respectfully with them to collaborate for solutions
  • Resilience, personal responsibility and integrity
  • Passion, ability and serious incentive to actively promote UWC values

Admissions for Indian Citizens, Residents, NRI & OCI Applicants

Admissions for Indian citizens, Indian residents, Non-Resident Indians and OCI applicants take place through the UWC Committee of India, which selects not just for UWC Mahindra College but for all schools and colleges in the movement. You can find more information on the UWC India National Committee selection process at their website: www.uwccommindia.net. Selections are a competitive and rigorous process and are designed to understand who you are as a person - so be yourself! UWCs have a strict honesty policy and you must write your own application. Make sure to follow all instructions in the online application and turn your materials in as early as possible. 

The online application form is usually available between July and September the year prior to the one you would commence your studies (applicants should currently be in X or XI grade). There is an application fee but you may contact the UWC Committee of India for a waiver if the cost is prohibitive. 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • July through September:
    Submit the application fee and access the application form through the UWC Committee of India (www.uwccommindia.net). In addition to the application, you will need to submit a recommendation letter from a teacher or Head of School and your latest transcript/grades for the past and current year. 
  • October:
    If the selection committee has decided to advance your application, you will receive an email and be asked to attend the selection camp.  Applicants living overseas will be asked to schedule an interview on the phone.
  • November / December 
    Short-listed candidates will be invited to a selection camp at our campus outside of Pune. Under exceptional circumstances, mainly due to prohibitive cost for applicants from further regions such as the North-Eastern states, Ladakh or Kashmir, we will consider doing phone interviews or ask alumni from these regions to conduct interviews. If possible, attendance to the selection camp is highly encouraged. Parents will also be asked to spend a few hours on campus and will get the opportunity to get their questions answered. You will need to submit all financial information and tax information at this point for the scholarships means testing process. 

If you are accepted, here is what happens next:

  • December to February 
    Candidates are ranked and offers of places and scholarships are made to top candidates.
  • August:
    Start your UWC experience! If you are selected to attend UWC Waterford Kamhlaba, in Swaziland, school will begin in January due to a southern hemisphere school calendar.

Short Summer Programmes

UWC Mahindra College offers young people the opportunity receive a UWC Short Programme Certificate by participating in our issue-based short programmes offered during the summer. Please visit our Outreach Programmes website for more information.

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