Fire Service

Experiential Learning, 17th Feb, 2015

‘Triveni’ in Indian culture is said to represent the confluence of 3 rivers: Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati. At UWC Mahindra College, Triveni - the co-curricular experiential learning programme - signifies the coming together of IB CAS, the Project Weeks and Gap Year Options. The values of experiential learning and service are deeply embedded in the UWC philosophy and over the years, the programme has evolved to symbolise the broader experiential education that the UWC Mahindra College affords its students.

As part of Triveni, which goes above and beyond the IB requirements, students get to participate in one of the five streams: Peace and Justice; Education and Learning; Communications and Culture; Environment and Sustainability; Outdoor and Adventure. Through these streams, they get to design projects based on their interests and skills, and are responsible for planning, evaluating, implementation and reflection. Triveni truly gives students at UWC Mahindra College opportunities for leadership, creativity, teamwork and problem solving through project-based learning.

Check out Fire Service in action! Students in Fire Service are trained under faculty guidance for putting out fires that occur within close vicinity of our college.