We at UWC Mahindra are highly committed to providing a safe, supportive environment to all students and campus community members. A committed team, headed by the Head of Residential Life work around the clock to ensure student safety and well-being. All students receive a handbook that is reviewed and discussed during Orientation Week. The campus retains full time security and medical staff as well as counselor support, accessible to students at all times. Besides these, there are intentionally created informal support structures to address social difficulties students might face.

Links to key school policies regarding safeguarding can be accessed below:

1. UWC Disciplinary Policies

2. UWC Common Standards for Safeguarding

3. General Code of Conduct

4. Child Protection Policy

5. Health, Safety and Risk Managment Policy

6. Substance Abuse Policy

7. Anti-Ragging Policy

8. Discrimination and Sexual Harrassment Policy

9. Complaint Procedure Policy

10. Confidentiality Policy

11. Disciplinary Hearing and Disciplinary Matrix

12. HIV Policy

13. Visitor Policy