Our campus is located on a 170-acre biodiversity reserve and conservation park overlooking the Mulshi and Kolvan valleys. The built area covers approximately one-third of our campus and combines modern architectural design with locally sourced materials and sensitivity to its environmental impact. Architect Christopher Benninger was awarded a Business week/Architectural Record Award in 2000 and the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2001 for his use of local materials and architecture in the design of our campus.

From a single tree in 2000, staff, students and faculty have planted over 100,000 trees on campus- now makes it a shady and green space to live and learn. In 2006, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh launched the Van Vihar Biodiversity Reserve & Conservation Park- officially protecting the ecosystems on our campus. Our facilities allow for community interaction are being updated to reflect modern learning needs.

Biodiversity Reserve

UWC Mahindra College seeks a peaceful and sustainable future so we have designated our entire campus as a protected area within the greater Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot. The Western Ghats (Sahyadri Hills) are a mountain range that run North-South along the western coast of India famed for both its rich wildlife and colourful history...

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Book Our Facilities

Please get in touch if you wish to book any of our facilities for your events. We can provide catering services through our Sodexo team. Please note that educational purposes are the primary reasons we rent our premises and that our students and faculty activities take precedence...

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Safety & Security

Our campus is located in a very secure location, on top of a hill overlooking two beautiful valleys. This location does present some unique risks and hazards. However, like many risks, most of these are reduced to minimal levels through careful planning, common sense and good preparation...

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Visit Us

We welcome visitors to our campus- whether potential applicants and their families, school groups that would like to make use of our Biodiversity Reserve, educators who want to see how UWC functions and our Akshara programme...

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Facilities & Services

Our facilities provide spaces for community interaction and learning. Our campus is wifi enabled and students are able to access the Internet, as long as they adhere to the College’s IT Use Policy...

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