Current Job Opportunities

Please read more about teaching and working at UWC Mahindra College here. We are currently advertising the following positions:

Leadership Positions:

  • Deputy Head of College: The College wishes to appoint a Deputy Head of College with responsibility for Teaching & Learning, commencing at the latest 1st January 2020. Earlier availability, commencing in August 2019 is preferred. Applications for this position will be accepted until 20th March 2019. Candidates should send by e-mail a formal letter of application which addresses the key areas of responsibility held by the Deputy Head as expressed in the job description linked below, together with a Curriculum Vitae and contact details (telephone and e-mail) of two professional referees, to the Head of College, Ms Soraya Sayed Hassen, at [email protected] Download the job description here.

  • University Guidance Counsellor: UWC Mahindra College seeks an experienced candidate who will be deeply committed to the UWC ideals, and hold responsibility for managing the search and admissions process for colleges and universities. The Guidance Counsellor will work closely with each student to understand their goals and strengths, and to help them navigate the full range of post-UWC opportunities available to them. Applications for this position will be accepted until 20th March 2019. Details about this position can be found on the document linked here.

  • Head of Community Partnerships and Outreach: Our network of local and pan-India community-based organizations are key partners in the delivery of our mission-driven educational model. We're currently seeking an experienced candidate for the Head of Community Partnerships & Outreach position who will be responsible for the development of our social-impact/non-profit partner networks and will leverage these relationships in a reciprocal way for programme delivery across the three strands of Akshara (our Local Impact Initiative), Triveni (our Experential and Service Learning Program) and our Outreach Programs. Applications for this post will be accepted till the vacancy is filled. All details pertaining to this position can be found on the document linked here.

Faculty Positions (for August 2019 start)

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Economics
  • Global Politics
  • History
  • Physics
  • Chemistry (Application deadline 15th March '19
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Theory Of Knowledge

How to Apply for Faculty Positions

The faculty positions advertised above are teaching positions in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Applicants should understand and support the values of the United World Colleges. Positions are usually residential but may be non-residential. Combinations with other teaching subjects; aptitude in cultural, artistic or athletic performance; skills and interest in developing student health and well being; experience of interdisciplinary, experiential, project-based, residential, international or outdoor education will be valued. Applications from couples and those with families are welcome. 

Interested applicants should send the following materials to the attention of the Head of College, Soraya Sayed Hassen at [email protected]

  1. Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Brief cover letter;
  3. Details of two professional references (working relationship, dates of employment, telephone and email contacts);
  4. A 200-250 word statement on how the UWC mission and values find expression in your own life and/or teaching.

Posting Date: 1st February 2019 | Deadline: 28th February 2019 (extended deadline of 15th March for Chemistry faculty position). 

Medical Centre:

  • College Doctor: UWC Mahindra is currently on the lookout for a College Doctor. The resident College Doctor is responsible for promoting health and wellbeing to the student community, as well as fulfill any medical requirements and emergencies as and when they arise. The campus has a fully equipped medical center and nurses for assistance. Details about this position can be found on the document linked here.
  • College Nurse: The College Nurse will work under the supervision of the College Doctor in the medical centre and be responsible for assisting the doctor in maintaining student health and well-being by providing follow-up care and medical support. Details about this position can be found on the document linked here.

Administrative Positions:

Vacancies if any will be posted in early March 2019. 

Other UWC Positions

  • Mindfulness and Well-being Counsellor: UWC Mahindra College seeks to appoint an experienced candidate who will work collaboratively with faculty, staff and students to promote and maintain the welfare, health, safety and wellbeing of individuals and the community. Applications for this position will be accepted until 25th March 2019. Details about this position can be found on the document linked here.

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