Interning at UWC Mahindra College is a life-changing experience as you will have the opportunity to take part in all of the exciting aspects of our residential community and be given significant responsibility for a portion of the on-going learning our students and our programmes.

If you are a UWC student interested in a Third Year Option or Gap Year.

For years UWC students have taken gap years between their UWC experience and university studies. UWC Mahindra College offers a 3rd year option for new UWC graduates which works as a collaboration between the Triveni Programme and our Akshara initiative.

How to apply

If you want to apply for a 3rd year option placement, you should submit an application form by the end of January. If you submit an application after this, you will still be eligible, but your placement will depend largely on availability.

All completed application forms should be sent to [email protected] before 1 March.

The selection process is handled jointly by Akshara and UWC Mahindra College and we will notify you when a decision has been made.

If you are above 18 years of age and able to commit for a minimum of 6 months

We generally do not accept interns for less than six months, and priority will be given to volunteers who can commit for the full academic year (9 months).

It is possible to volunteer with 4 departments of the college:


For applicants interested in pursuing a career in international education possibilities exist for a one-year teaching internship. The volunteer would pursue a Cambridge certificate in International Education, be mentored by an experienced teacher for the same, and be the primary teacher for a couple of class sections.


For more information on this programme please refer to this section. Internships in this department will involve working closely with our version of the CAS programme, the Project Weeks or the Third Year Option. It is preferable that applicants have practical field experience in project management, community development, and/or education.


For more information on this programme please refer to this section. Volunteering with Akshara will involve strategic planning for the organization and practical assistance with classes/ development projects in rural areas surrounding the college campus. Experience in teaching English as a Second Language and/or Math would be particularly helpful. An interest in Education and Development is a must.


If you are interested in graphic design and/or public relations, this is the internship that will be most suited to you. It will involve working on various college related publications and/or working with our community of alumni.

Please note:

** Our internships are unpaid. However, we will assist interns with transport, food and lodging costs but cannot pay a salary.

** We can only take on 4 volunteers at any given point, and accept applications throughout the year.

How to Apply

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please send a cover letter and most recent resume to [email protected].

The cover letter must clearly state your reason for applying to UWC Mahindra College, and must indicate which department you would like to volunteer with from the ones stated above (Triveni, Akshara, Academics and Communications). Some guiding questions for the cover letter:

  • What could you contribute to our community?
  • Do you have ideas for possible activities/ projects that you would like to implement while here?
  • How does this internship feature in your plans for your future?