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Winter Trek Expedition in the Himalayas

10th Oct 2014 by admin - , (0) Comment
Ever wanted to go on an adventure trip to Annapurna Circuit? Here’s your chance to join the totally cool and exciting group of students and faculty from UWC Mahindra College! Sign up now for the Winter Trek Expedition in Annapurna Circuit in Nepal! Only 4 spots left! Last Date: 15 November, 2014
Dates of Travel:
15th December – last day to arrive in Kathmandu
3rd January – first day you can book flights out of Kathmandu.
Mumbai to Kathmandu (very cheap right now)
Gear: bring warm clothes and we will take care of the rest (sleeping bag, backpack, headlamp etc). See the Gear list here
Cost including flights (if you book early): Rs 45,000 max. Donations from alumni and friends are encouraged to sponsor the cost of the trip for deserving students.
Deposit: due 15th November, but you need to book flights ASAP!
Interested? Click  here to learn more
Got a question? Shoot an email to Arvin: [email protected]

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